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World's First
Free Crypto Lottery

With our Built-in Mining System the lottery gets funded by you staying logged in.

Download and install the app for your chance to win BIG!

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Powered by Dogecoin

How it works

Scattered Coins

Lottery Dogecoin has a built in Crypto Miner.

The more people that downloads the app and participates, the bigger the Lottery$

Crowd of People
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The app then selects a participant at random to give the current lottery winning to. The winner will then be contacted by a Lottery Dogecoin team member. $$$$ 

With no money needed this is the First FREE Crypto Lottery.

Grey Limbo
  • Is this 100% Free?
    Yes, to enter and participate it is 100% free. DOWNLOAD NOW!
  • Where does the lottery money come from?
    Lottery Dogecoin has a built in miner that runs on the computer. For those that have no clue what that means here is an Example: Your computer solves a puzzle that rewards 1 dollar a day. The stronger the computer the more rewards earned.
  • Why use Lottery Dogecoin if my computer can mine for guarenteed money?
    For all those with stronger computers that pull in way more than a dollar. There will be weekly lotteries held for the top 5 or 10 computers. Example: If your computer would make about $100 dollars a week and you are in the top 5; depedning on the cash pool you can double your money or reach 1000% weekly. On top of the weekly rewards you still are eligible for the big lottery pull.
  • Where do I start?
    1. Download the application to your computer. 2. Mark this application as a trusted program aand continue through all security prompts. 2. Double click and go through the installation process. 4. Launch the application. 5. Click Register 6. Enter email and confirm password and you are set! Happy winnings! Stay logged in for a greater chance of winning! A winner that is not logged into the app wont get selected.
  • What happens if I win?
    When the winner is chosen, everyone will see! Someone from the Lottery Dogecoin team will reach out to the registered email to discuss forms of payment. Forms of payment: Dogecoin: Fastest method (Same day) Bank Wire: 2-5 Business Days 7-10 Business Days Winner has 48 hours to reply. (We will double text lol)

The download process is simple. Click the download link and install the program. Signup and Win!

Follow social media for a chance to decide if the lottery winner should be 1 person or several.


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